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Refund enhancement: Implement issue credit for transferred fees/fines



    • Holly: This can be handled manually until the automated process is in place.
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    • This feature is only needed by libraries using the transfer feature, so I have set the PO Rank to a comparable number.
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      Status as of January 23, 2023
      Status as of January 19, 2023
      Reopened on December 15, 2020

      Holly re-opened this UXPROD feature because it is unlikely to be completed for R1 2021 as part of UXPROD-105: Automated Transfer of fees/fines to bursar or other account.

      Merged on July 20, 2020

      Holly decided to merge all of the automated transfer features to make it clear that they belong together.
      The following features were merged with UXPROD-105: Automated Transfer of fees/fines to bursar or other account -

      • UXPROD-1127: Fees/Fines Settings for Transfers - Criteria
      • UXPROD-839: Fees/Fines in-app report: Transferred fees/fines log
      • UXPROD-394: Create extract file for transferred fees/fines
      • UXPROD-1879: Notify Bursar (and other transfer accounts) of refunded fees/fines
      Changed on July 12, 2019

      This feature was removed from UXPROD-106 Refund paid fees/fines. Refunds to the Bursar (and other transfer accounts) will be reported on the Refunds to process manually in-app report, along with the other refunds.

      This will be handled manually via the refund report until the automated solution is implemented.

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