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Scrub loan and item information from fee/fine records



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      Update on September 3, 2020

      Holly presented this topic to the RA SIG on September 3, 2020. See her slide deck at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1gCwAlZ-UTUHj_65EshjHRKcIu0oFLIDPijqvJzS1nXw/edit?usp=sharing (with decisions documented in blue text). We need to "scrub" fee/fine data in two ways:

      1. Scrub the loan information X intervals after the fee/fine has been closed (which is covered by UXPROD-1853).
      2. Delete the fee/fine record X intervals after it has been closed (which is covered by new feature UXPROD-XXXX).

      When a loan has incurred a fine, some institutions may want to remove item and loan information from the fine, in order to be compliant with legal requirements and protect the patron's privacy.

      From previous feature:

      1. Fee/fine scrubbing
        1. Fees and fines are always related to users
        2. Many fines are also relate to loans and you can see loan data on the fee/fine details page: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0By8ccf5VV4EWblRhS015b21kNFk
        3. So, in order to fully anonymize historical loan data, we need to also scrub the loan data from the fee/fine record
        4. Many systems apparently don't do this but they should
        5. But institutions don't want this to happen automatically - they would like to be able to control this independently
        6. So, if an institution chooses to scrub loan data after, say, 30 days, they should be given the option to scrub fee/fine data at that time, as well
        7. When a fee/fine record is scrubbed:
          1. All identifying information related to scrubbed loans should be scrubbed from the fee/fine record in the database. Specifically:
            1. Title
            2. Barcode
            3. Call number
            4. Location?
            5. Material type?
            6. Loan type?
          2. All scrubbed loan/item data will display as "scrubbed" (or "anonymized"?) in the UI for fee/fine details and fee/fine list
          3. The link to Loan details from Fees/Fines History will display as "Loan details (anonymized)" (handled by UIU-1839)
          4. The link to Loan details from Fee/Fine Details will display as "Anonymized" (handled by UIU-1840)

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