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Title Level Requests Complete (part 1)



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      2020-10-04 - CB: Making my PO rank same as the calculated total rank for now.
      2019-07-12: Keeping PO rank same as calculated rank (with potential minor adjustments to avoid having two features with same rank)
      2020-10-04 - CB: Making my PO rank same as the calculated total rank for now. 2019-07-12: Keeping PO rank same as calculated rank (with potential minor adjustments to avoid having two features with same rank)
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      When a patron is making a request, they often don't care what copy they get - they just want a copy of a given title. With FOLIO's basic title level requesting (TLR) functionality (see UXPROD-1061) patrons can request a title in discovery and business logic will convert the title request into a request on the item which is most likely to become available first.

      Often, the item predicted to be returned first is not returned on time. When this happens, requests could be fulfilled out of order (a patron that requested later can receive their copy earlier). In institutions where course materials are requestable, this could become a customer service issue, as student could be made aware of this situation through discussions with classmates.

      Title Level Requests (Complete) functionality would associate a request with an instance at the time the request is placed, and then only with an item at the time of fulfillment. This would solve the following problems:

      1. Risk of fulfilling out of order (per above)
      2. Need to rebalance item request queues when item goes missing or new copy becomes available*
      3. Ability to request titles without items (using the note field)

      Generally, TLRC will add:

      • Tenant level configuration option to allow Title level requesting
      • Title level requests via discovery and via the FOLIO UI
      • Patron ability to see their place in a title level request queue
      • A unified request queue (using existing item level basic logic)
      • Ability to balance title level vs item level requests
      • Ability to filter for and manage requests with the Open-Title level status

      Non-functional Requirements 

      • Adequate logging to indicate success or failure of any TLR activities 
      • Schema migration scripts are created and tested 
      • Performance of all affected actions does not degrade by more than 1%

      How Title Level Requests Should Work

      • Provides a tenant level setting that allows a tenant to enable, or disable title level requesting
      • Title Level Request Creation:  patron places a request via discovery by selecting “the first available copy” option, or a FOLIO user places a title request from the Instance record, or other avenues
      • FOLIO processes work to create an item level request
      • Using established tlr - lite functionality FOLIO determines if it is able to place an item level request right away
      • If not Creates a title level request queue
      • Creates a title level request, request status = “Open - title level”
      • When an item is returned - using the existing request functionality, along with the priority of the request in the request queue- system determines if the item should fulfill a title level or item level request
      • Move title level request to an item request
      • FOLIO fulfills requests from the queue using a first in, first out logic. If two requests are placed at the same time  FOLIO will randomly select the request that gets fulfilled first
      • FOLIO users manage title level requests via the existing Request interface with the addition of a new “Title-level” Request status. 
      • Track and manage the request queue
      • Follow the title level request process - until the request is resolved to an item level request (at which point it then continues on as any other request.


      Important links
      Mockups folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1ndvI2IIzp6avYbCu1B_YueoZVlGfeuOB
      GDrive folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1ao5l4aKi-aNLlXwzT5CJ-UCXaba5tEKE
      Vega documentation folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1R8mESODVM_Yt-Od8w6YCv2fe3YbI90R2 




      • As of 9/10/21, title look-up (on the new Request form) is out of scope for the first implementation of this feature.  
      • As of 9/14/21 it is confirmed that Vega will integrate this work with Inventory only, NOT Inventory ES.
      • All patrons can place title level requests regardless of whether they can be filled or not in the first implementation. Ideally in the second implementation we will find a way of controlling who can place TLR request, is excluding patron groups, working with existing circulation rules, extending circulation rules to work with instance data (patron, loan type, material type and location IDs in a list - see if a request can occur)
      • Multivolume series requests will be investigated in the next implementation 

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