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ILL between FOLIO libraries



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      Libraries circulate materials with partner libraries. Methods range from integrated ILS ILL modules, to integration with a variety of external tools and software. Note that this epic will describe direct consortial borrowing (among closely affiliated libraries) via FOLIO. This can ultimately be used to support ILL transactions that occur outside the ILS (e.g. OCLC's WorldShare ILL) but the focus will be an internal feature set that's well integrated with lending rules. If ILL occurs outside the ILS there must be at least minimal integration so as to accurately reflect item availability status.

      Prioritized list of ILL brokers needed here for priority and testing.
      Which systems need to be supported?

      1. Point to point ILL support. Allows a library to borrow directly from another.
      2. Broker based ILL. Integration with an ILL broker.
      3. NCIP 2.0+ over https for items 1 & 2.

      • List of required verbs based on priority of the above list of brokers needed. Currently Lookup user, Accept item, Checkin item, Checkout item are currently being built. ETA Q4 of 2019.

      4. Z39.50
      5. ISO ILL
      6. SLNP - Simple library network protocol (Germany)

      Process flow:
      1. The request is initiated from a patron via:

      • OPAC/Discovery service
      • Front desk request

      2. Next step
      n. Once the borrowing library has received the item, the patron is notified. The item is either available for:
      n+1. Pickup
      n+2. Shipment
      n+3. Item is loaned to the patron as a standard loan.
      n+4. ....

      Does a transaction for the patron need to be created in both systems as in patron initiated borrowing?
      How is the process above different when using a broker?

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