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Agreements | Local KB | Support adding custom data to URLs for resources in Agreements



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    • This is a blocker for implementers in Germany who wish to use Agreements to feed the Union Catalogue
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      Sometimes institutions need to be able to add custom data to URLs they use to access resources (or their patrons use to access resources). This can involve adding a prefix, suffix, or additional information in a specific part of an existing URL

      Where institutions use reverse Proxy servers, in order for Patron's get the correct link it requires a prefix, and sometimes a suffix to be added to a resource URL to enable a proxy server to retrieve, and then serve up the resource to the user.
      e.g. instead of "http://example.org", the user would be directed to "http://proxy.org?url=http://example.org"

      In other scenarios a resource URL may need an institutional identifier provided by resource provider adding to the resource URL so that the user is directed to an appropriate interface by the provider
      e.g. instead of "http://example.org", the user might be directed to "http://instA.example.org" or "http://example.org/?code=instA" etc

      Business rules & constraints:
      This feature is for resources in the internal Agreements knowledgebase only. It is assumed that where resources are managed outside Agreements (e.g. in eHoldings) any localisation will be handled by the other application or external knowledgebase

      Use case examples: ~3 July 2020 | Related discussion

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