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Assign or unassign users associated with a Permission Set



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    • Based upon Serhii's comments, this is assumed to be front-end only.
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    • We discussed this with Khalilah at a meeting. Not being able to view users by permission will be a real pain. Maybe some possibility to export users with permssions to a csv and manipulate would be a stop-gap.
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      Purpose: To display the users who have been given a particular permission set on the permission set page in Settings. This will allow staff to quickly see who is assigned and who might need to be removed (because they have graduated, for example). Ideally you could even remove a user from the set right on the permission set page.

      Dennis: I would like to update this to also allow user to assign or unassign users from the permission set in this settings area. 

      Changed/clarified per discussion with UM SIG 2020-09-30:
      Have a filter possibility in the Users App to filter user records for associated permission sets and individual permissions. Design based on tag filtes.

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