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Resource Access View of Inventory Data



    • Cate Boerema: I know it's painful, but the workaround is to use Inventory as-is. We may be able to make some easy changes to the Inventory layout to make this easier for RA folks.
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      2020-10-04 - CB: Making my PO rank same as the calculated total rank for now.
      Leaving PO rank as equal to calculated total rank. Workaround is to use Inventory.
      2020-10-04 - CB: Making my PO rank same as the calculated total rank for now. Leaving PO rank as equal to calculated total rank. Workaround is to use Inventory.
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      Resource access staff need to work with inventory data, but their use cases differ from that of catalogers, as their work revolves around circulation of items (copies), while catalogers' work centers on describing instances (bibliographic records). Circulation staff want to do things like:

      • Quickly access items by barcode to view/edit details
      • View other items and holdings for this instance (without viewing all the other instance metadata) along with their availability status
      • Etc

      The focus of this feature is the development of a view of inventory data designed for RA use. This may take the form of a view within the Inventory app or, perhaps, another app entirely. A separate app may actually be preferable in that it would support clean permissions for circ staff and does not extend Inventory (which is already a very large app).

      This feature to be discussed with the RA-SIG.

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      NOTES from Chalmers
      Notes from lisams, Chalmers (9/23/2020):
      Some of the points brought up by Chalmers mention in this issue, such as displaying item and holdings at the top of the instance are already implemented (and much appreciated). Maybe the description needs to be updated to better reflect what has been done/remains.
      As I see it, in most cases when you search for a barcode you'd want to see the instance-with--all-holdings-and-items view in the third pane, but with the matching item clearly highlighted. From that perspective, I think the https://ux.folio.org/docs/prototypes/use-apps/inventory/ redesign looks extremely promising, so am very curious about what the plans/time frame for implementing that is.

      Notes from Ann-Marie based (5/23/2019) on conversations with Chalmers: Purpose is to provide a view of the Inventory records to better support non-catalogers use
      1) To view important bibliographic and inventory data higher on the instance detail record
      2) To view item details that is customized for e.g. circulation staffs needs, similar to the approach of the loan detail screen. For example, holdings needs to be at the top since circ staff need to see item information quickly, without scrolling down (this is part of filipjakobsen's redesign, https://ux.folio.org/docs/prototypes/use-apps/inventory/

      As a staff person
      I want to be see key information on the instance at the top of the record CW: cboerema, and abreaux - did you show Filip's redesign (https://ux.folio.org/docs/prototypes/use-apps/inventory/), and discussed with Chalmers, if the new look, would meet their needs?)
      So that I can find bibliographic, holdings, and item information without having to scroll through the whole record

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