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      UX related items for discussion within the ERM team.

      1. Should we be using responsive MCLs to remove horizontal scrolling? - discuss with dev team.
      2. What to do about empty key value pairs - remove entirely from screen, or display the label and a hyphen? When we first asked users they said they would like the label to be completely removed, but I am concerned that the UI might not be responsive. When a name-value pair is not displayed will an empty white space still be displayed because the position of the fields have been hardcoded/fixed in position? - In the preview show a hyphen. MCLs blank. (check)
      3. Add sort to columns - are the QA testers identifying where these are missing? Taks 1 Agr search, Lic sort, E-r search.
      4. Do we need to set max characters for the text fields (and any other fields)? Task for Owen to document the fields - validation conditions, length, help text etc.
      5. We need to decide where to add info popover style help (see https://ux.folio.org/docs/guidelines/components/info-popover/). We can add help text to a wiki area. It is intended to be a temporary solution until something more formal is sorted out. Link to the overview page, with links for each app in the left menu: https://wiki.folio.org/display/FOLIOtips/Individual+Apps%3A+Information%2C+Tips%2C+and+Tricks - Jag will follow up.

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