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UI tidy up for Agreement Search and Sort, and Preview panels



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    • These are small tidy up jobs for the UI and so not ranked highly although individual parts of this may be picked up where there is developer capacity
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      To conform with the Folio UX guidelines.

      1. UXPROD-1780 (low priority) Add the small Agreement icon to the title in the Preview panel, as shown in the mockup. (Very low priority).
      2. ERM-271 Add the Edit button to the Agreement panel, as shown in the mockup. (The existing Edit option which is available from the dropdown pane header should be left in place). Do this pre-release.
      3. HOLD because the UI may change so that all record previews always open full width. In the pane header dropdown there should be an option to display the record in full size. Do if possible pre-release. (See https://ux.folio.org/docs/guidelines/components/pane-menu/) Moved to Confluence
      4. UXPROD-1780 (low priority) Display the agreement icon to the left of each record in the Agreements result list (but not in the E-resources search results).

      General usability

      1. - ERM-270 In the "E-resources - agreement lines" accordion, and the "E-resources covered by this agreement" accordion, the Custom Coverage icon should have the tooltip "Custom coverage" Bug raised 10-6-19
      2. HOLD: In "E-resources - agreement lines" the coverage icon does not need to be in its own column, as users have said they can see no need to sort or to filter by whether or not an e-resource has coverage or not. Fix this.
        • Will this fix the issue, whereby horizontal scrolling is introduced even when there is plenty of space to display the contents of the table (I think this is because a fixed column width is used for coverage)? Need to decide how best to progress with this as the Coverage column may still need to be fixed width.
      3. TO DO: Repeating field groups should i) be displayed with shaded backgrounds and ii) always display a field group header. (Is expected to become part of the UX guide). An example is shown in the below mockup. Will probably need mockups for other/all instances where this applies. Gill to identify each issue.
      4. TO DO: Display looked-up records as cards (will need wireframes for -license, orgs, users, PO/POLs). See example below for organization (needs review).-
      5. NOT NEEDED YET: Wait until the new headline style has settled. Currently the "Last updated" timestamp is a little lost with the new headline style. Add the standard Folio "Record last updated: xxxx" message to the agreement headline?

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