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Create, manage and apply Purchase Order templates



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      Purpose: Allow the administrator to create order templates that will speed up the creation of orders and limit the possibility of input errors.

      Acceptance criteria:

      • There is a permission for creating order templates in order settings
        • In a template the admin can define a default for all field values
          • Template should cover both PO and POL
      • Admin can view update and delete templates in order settings
      • Admin can associate templates with specific Teams
      • When creating an order users can select a template
        • When selected the template will fill in fields and adjust fields as defined by the template
        • User only sees templates assign to their teams and general templates in dropdown (Dependent on teams feature)

      Out of scope:

        • High value add - admin can set additional fields as required (May need be split out)
        • High value add - admin can set which fields are editable by the user (May need be split out)
        • Ability to hide order fields that are not required in the template (May need be split out)

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