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Move Requests from One Item to Another



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    • Comment from Marc in Slack: The basic move is likely not that hard, the changes to the re-validation is the biggest part of that work (and how we deal with how long that might take)
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    • 2019-07-12: Bumped rank way up because this is in progress and targeted for completion in Q3.1
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      This feature would allow moving (maybe in bulk) of requests from one item to another to support use cases like this:

      1. Item goes missing - reassign the requests to another copy/copies of same title
      2. New copy is acquired - reassign requests from an old copy to a new one

      Initial thoughts on design (needs discussion with SIG):

      • Ability to select one, many or all requests associated with a given item and reassign to another item (may just start with moving one by one if that's simpler - queues are not usually very long and you may want to spread items across multiple copies anyway)
      • Should be able to see the length of the request queue on the other copies (items) so you can choose the best one for reassignment
      • Shouldn't be able to move any requests for which fulfillment has already begun (patron notice has been sent etc)
      • Shouldn't be able to move any requests to items where the request isn't allowed per request policy
      • Might offer user the ability to choose whether the requests go to the bottom or top of the queue when moved (though they can't displace the item at the very top of the destination queue if fulfillment of that request has already begun). Might auto-sort with oldest at top of queue. Requests will also be manually re-orderable after the fact once we have implemented UXPROD-1242

      Mockups: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ADrLDD09Ub9AKL7Vu704viS8EVPSB8xv

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