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Store Effective Call Number Prefix, Call Number and Suffix in the Item Record



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      There are a number of data elements that exist on both the holding and item record in inventory:

      • Call number type - split off to UXPROD-2171
      • Call number prefix - In scope for this feature
      • Call number - In scope for this feature
      • Call number suffix - In scope for this feature
      • Copy number - split off to UXPROD-2170

      For these elements, the item record should inherit the data from the holding record unless something different has been specified in the item record. This resulting "effective" data is, then, the data that actually matters for the item. This data needs to be stored, as opposed to being calculated on the fly if:
      1. It will be used for searching
      2. It will be used for sorting
      3. It needs to be available in reporting

      The scope of this feature is to store Effective prefix, Effective call number and Effective suffix. Please note that:

      • All 3 data elements are needed for Call number searching (see UIIN-858)
      • Effective call number is also needed for Call number sorting (see UXPROD-2002)
      • This data is also valuable to display in the "Effective call number string" throughout FOLIO Agreed upon format = <EffectiveCallNumberPrefix> <EffectiveCallNumber> <EffectiveCallNumberSuffix> <Volume> <Enumeration> <Chronology> <EffectiveCopy> <ItemCopy> (ideally we'd have <EffectiveCopy>, but that hasn't been implemented yet (see UXPROD-2170)
      • Finally, it is valuable to store this data so it is readily available for reporting (in-FOLIO and external)

      This feature had to be split, as it was not completed in time for the Q4 release. Spin-off features:

      Call number notes document: I drafted a document which covers how call number is working today which may be a good starting point for discussion: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FMl-_oNR6k-wVDQrZeMT_V9-ZDDaZBzdiipx0OQii9E/edit

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