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Deletion. Implement action menu in top navigation bar. Enable the user to delete an Instance



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    • The estimate considers data integrity checks and mark-for-deletion functionality. Hard to say how much these are general issues (solved in Raml Module Builder and stripes-components for example) and how much they are Inventory work
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    • CW: Deletion of holdings and item records are implemented, but not yet for instance records while it was not requested by Chalmers
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      Implement component in top navigation bar. Enable the user to delete a metadata record (Instance)
      MM SIG recommendation: Ability to delete Instance records is needed.

      Slide deck from presentation at MM-SIG 2018-10-04: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iv1qM2T1uHCOx8vLAAJfmX-439ENNP7uo4yQJM8mubE/edit#slide=id.g438c473a97_0_0

      Technical backend note: The Inventory database has constraints defined on Instance, HoldingsRecord and Item to prevent deletion of entities with dependent records. The database will throw an exception if such a delete is attempted, as a last backstop - see:

      1. InstanceStorageAPI.java

      Tech lead documentation: https://wiki.folio.org/display/DD/Deletion+of+core-module+records+may+leave+dangling+references+from+non-core+modules

      Out of scope:

      1. Deletion of holdings, items (UXPROD-1458)
      2. Mark for deletion (UXPROD-1363)
      3. Prevent delete-all (wipe all data in Inventory).

      Implications for other apps (with related POs)

      • Bulk edit magdaz
      • Data Import abreaux
        • Currently, Data Import does not support deletion of Instances or SRS MARC Bibs, so that would need to be implemented.
        • Also need to determine what happens in SRS when an Instance is deleted. Is the SRS Bib unlinked from the related instance that has been deleted and left floating in SRS? Is the SRS MARC Bib deleted?
      • Orders dennisbridges
        • direct links from Orders to Inventory Instance UUID
          • Consequence being that an order can potentially no longer be received. Also we are still working on an ability to change the instance connection. This would be necessary to correct order with references to deleted instances. seeĀ UIOR-594
      • Agreements/Licenses/ERM ostephens
        • no direct links from Agreements or Licenses to Inventory right now, BUT do have direct links to POLs and if a linked POL has an Inventory Instance UUID stored with it, then that will be display as a link to the instance in Inventory.
      • quickMARC expansion kgambrell
      • Authority app (once Authority records are linked to related MARC Bibs or Instances) kgambrell
      • Any implications for Data Export or OAI-PMH? magdaz
      • SRS implications, if Source = MARC (abreaux)
      • mod-search (Elasticsearch) - update indexes to be kept in sync when the instance is deleted from inventory-storageĀ (charlotte magdaz)
      • mod-inventory-update aligned with general FOLIO solution for check on dependenciesĀ (charlotte)

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