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Item templates. Hard coded template



    • CW: Create Item records as usual. In most cases item records will be created via Orders.
    • Very Small (VS) < 1day
    • Medium < 5 days
    • First phase a hard coded template, with default values made dynamic. No dynamic configuration of of elements.
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      Many item records are similar (same location, material type etc).

      The possibility to duplicate item is implemented, but Chalmers would also like to have Item templates to make item CRUD easier.

      Usecases raised by Chalmers (item and holdings):

      1. To simplify and streamline the workflow for adding holdings and items.
      2. Using minimalistic templates, to keep staff, when adding holdings/items, from having to navigate through dozens of fields that we never use.


      • Get more detailed spec and requirements from Chalmers (3/22)
      • Discuss this topic with the MM-SIG (TBD)

      Documentation - input from lisams:

      charlotte This is feedback from Chalmers. This is high priority for them. Please review and determine next step (finalize into a story, mark as will not implement, need more info, delete, etc.). The label chalmers_debut_followup helps us keep these issues all findable as a group.

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