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Implement Process in the Three-Part Item State



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    • Checking out items to dummy patrons or using item notes while an item has the In process status.
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    • Not all schools have ranked this feature, but analogous features exist in other systems, likely making it go-live for schools who are using those systems.
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      Current situation or problem:
      FOLIO currently has no way to show which process an item is in. An item can have its item status set to In process, but there is no information about which staff are working with the item.

      Users could work around this by using statistical codes or dummy patrons, but the latter is untenable because it generates fines/notices/statistics that are a headache to clean up.

      In scope

      • Allow users to configure values for a process an item can be in (these can also be used values in a set of processes the item is needed for, UXPROD-1530)
      • Allow a user to assign one of those values to an item, and to add notes when assigning those values
        • while editing item record in Inventory
      • Allow a user to remove that value from an item
      • Display of those values when item displays across different apps
      • logic at Check In
        • Settings to configure whether user has to confirm check in if item has a value for Process
          • Eventually, should be able to configure this per value for Process
        • if so configured in settings, ask user to confirm check in when an item has a value for process
        • when item is checked in with a value for process, remove the value for process

      Out of scope

      • Bulk editing this field (should be included in bulk edit feature)
      • Any use of the process field in circulation rules or circulation policies.

      Use case(s)

      • A library sends a set of items to an external firm for binding and/or physical repair.
      • A library sends an item to in-house preservation staff for physical repair / boxing.
      • A library puts an item into cold storage as part of disaster response protocols.
      • A library is digitizing an item in order to place a digital copy into an online digital collection.
      • A library is digitizing an item in order to have a digital copy for use with controlled digital lending.
      • A library staff member is doing original cataloging of the item.
      • A library has sent the item to an external firm for cataloging.
      • An item is being prepared for, or is currently on, exhibit.
      • An item is being prepared for being placed on reserve for a course.
      • An item is being moved into a temporary themed collection.

      Proposed solution/stories

      • General development approach
        • Settings page
        • Inventory
          • Item updates (UX-374)
          • Search filters
          • Instance display (holdings accordion)
        • Request whitelist behavior - hold, page, recall
        • Check in behavior - allow, allow/warn, prohibit
        • Check out behavior - allow, allow/warn, prohibit
        • Inventory search
        • Data import behavior
        • Data export behavior
        • Bulk edit behavior
        • Circ log updates - new events to capture, new filters, update existing filters
        • Canned reports
          • in transit items (inventory)
          • overdue loans, claim returned, cash drawer reconciliation, financial detail, refunds to process manually (users), hold shelf clearance (requests)

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