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Make Inventory Instance rely on SRS MARC Bib (Part 1 of Connecting SRS, Inventory, and MARCCat for Bibs/Instances)



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    • Should be mostly Back end work; Only Front end work will be reconfiguring the View Source button in the Inventory Instance record to point to the SRS MARC.
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      Q2 2019 Data Import Priority 2 of 8, Continued by UXPROD-1805

      NOTE: During Q2 2019 planning, decided this will be handled by Folijet, consulting with Core-Fxn if needed for Inventory-related aspects

      This is Part 1 of Connecting MARCcat, Source Record Storage, and Inventory for MARC Bibs/Instances: Make Inventory Instance rely on SRS and update the standard mappings from SRS to Instance (UXPROD-1577)
      See Part 2: Block edit of Instance Elements maintained in the underlying MARC Bib record (UXPROD-1447)
      See Part 3: Implement Instance-to-MARC Mapping, including spike for whether whether Inventory Instance influences SRS MARC Bibs in any way other than creating a brief SRS MARC Bib when one does not exist (UXPROD-1397)
      See Part 4: SRS-MARCcat Integration (UXPROD-1595)

      Goal is to have the corresponding Inventory Instance, SRS MARC Bib, and MARCcat MARC Bib linked to each other and interacting with each other.


      1. When an Inventory Instance is based on a MARC record stored in SRS
      2. CRUD of MARC Bib records in SRS should result in the corresponding mapped changes in the Inventory Instance records
      3. Update all older documentation that describes loading MARC records directly to Inventory Storage via CLI, e.g. the instructions of Wayne Schneider at https://github.com/folio-org/folio-install/blob/master/single-server.md, and there "Load Sample Data"

      NOTE: May have to extend the Inventory data structure a bit to include the proper reference, especially if Instance may have more than one SRS record in the future - this may be a future enhancement


      Older requirements:
      Implement storage of batch loaded MARC records stored in blob store. The MARC blob of each record has a unique identifier.

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