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Import resources from KBART files



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      Support the import of csv or tsv files conforming to the KBART Phase II Recommended Practice (https://groups.niso.org/apps/group_public/download.php/16900/RP-9-2014_KBART.pdf) to create resources (packages/titles) for ERM

      Using package_name and package_id as specified in the KBART Automation recommended practice (https://www.niso.org/publications/niso-rp-26-2019-kbart-automation) could provide a way of matching to a package in Folio

      Otherwise we may need to fall back on using the filename which (according to the KBART Phase II doc) should use the pattern:

      6.5.1 The file should be entitled:

      “Region/Consortium” should include any information based on where the package is sold, or to what consortium it applies. If the file is for a universal list, “Global” should be used.

      Title list is not region or consortium-specific, includes all titles from the content provider:
      • JSTOR_Global_AllTitles_2013-01-14.txt
      • TaylorandFrancis_Global_AllTitles_2012-08-30.txt Title list is consortium-specific, for a specific package:
      • IOP_NESLi2_Option1-2011_2012-05-31.txt (includes a year as part of the package name)
      • OxfordJournals_SCELC_AllTitles_2013-01-09.txt (contains all titles that the consortium has subscribed to)

      Title list is region-specific, for a specific package:
      • Springer_Asia-Pacific_Medicine_2013-01-28.txt

      6.5.2 The provider name should be the platform at which the data is hosted (but without the
      This ensures that one provider’s data is clearly distinguished from data provided by others with similar package names. Also, the file name should be consistent for each metadata file deposited.

      Publishers and vendors should avoid using special characters in filenames. Both upper and lower case characters are allowed as long as the content provider is consistent in its filenames throughout cycles of transmission.


      • Oup_Highwire_AllTitles_2013-01-09.txt
      • Bloomsbury_IngentaConnect_Alltitles_2013-01-01.txt

      6.5.3 Separate files should be produced for each package of content that the provider offers. Files should be named as customers would expect to see them labeled in the knowledge base, using the syntax:


      • JSTOR_Global_ArtsandSciencesV_2013-01-14.txt

      Providers and recipients can agree in advance how best to present complex package names.

      Should integrate with a UI (see UXPROD-1513) so users can import a file following KBART practice from within a Folio UI

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