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Assign Accession numbers to holdings and item records - when items are acquired



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    • CW: Very rudimental implementation at this point. This implementation is not good enough for the German libraries, that's why this i bumped up.
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      Goal/Problem: A resource acquired by the library shall be assigned an accession number. The accession number can contain letters, numbers and special characters such as hyphens, e.g. 01A-2019-1234 (01 = location code; A = format; 2019 = year of acquisition; 1234 = current number). As access numbers are assigned during the receiving process, they should also be entered there. An additional change into the inventory app seems cumbersome.

      Use Case(s):
      Case 1: Accession numbers are available as physical "stickers" on a roll. There are hundreds of self-adhesive access numbers on each roll, including barcodes and numbers written out in full. These are glued into the book during inventorization. The number is then entered into the system.
      Case 2: Other libraries use the integrated number generator to generate a unique accession number.
      Case 3: No separate accession number is used, but an unique itemId from an external source/catalogue is used as the accession number.
      Case 4: An existing accession number is entered manually; this is already possible.

      The field should therefore be customizable: Use of a number generator for generating accession numbers or option to enter free text. If the number generator was used to create an accession number there is the need to manually edit the number, since some libraries will add volume countings to the accession number.

      Related Features: (blocked-by?) UXPROD-1770

      ------- old questions:
      Question is: does Inventory push data to the Acquisition app or the other way around

      Assignee: Charlotte and Dennis?

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