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Generating simple MARC Holdings from Inventory holdings record



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    • This feature needs to completed for all institutions that need to export holdings in MFHD format as SRS does not store holdings yet.
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      The user should be able to export holdings independently from exporting bibliographic records. Since SRS currently does not store holdings records all holdings records before they can be exported will need to be will need to be generated on the fly.

      Based on the existing mapping following fields will be a part of the default mapping used while generating MFHD records on the fly:

      • holdings HRID: mapped to 001
      • associated instance HRID: mapped to 014 1 $a
      • permanent location mapped: to 852 $b
      • holding statement and notes: mapped to866 $a $z
      • holding statement for supplements and notes: mapped to 867 $a $z
      • holding statement for indexes and notes: mapped to 868 $a $z
      • holdings UUID: mapped to 999 ff $i

      When this feature is done, the user will be able to export all inventory holdings in MFHD format based on provided holdings UUIDs. All the records will be generate on the fly.

      Modifying the default mapping rules is outside the scope for this feature.

      Additional information:

      • Exporting MARC Bib records with holdings and items is covered by UXPROD-2413
      • Exporting MARC from Inventory and SRS is covered by UXPROD-142 and will be addressed once SRS stores the holdings data.

      Additional documentation:

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