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Extend patron notices to print



    • HK: There are legal requirements in the EU for this. Can most likely wait until Q2 of 2020 as long as it's available in Q3.
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      Libraries need to be able to print and send notices via snail mail. In some cases, this is due to a mandate, such as a requirement to send final unpaid fee/fine notices via snail mail instead of by email or SMS. In other cases, it is a preference by the library or patron.

      Description/Use case:

      1. Define which formats are allowed at tenant level
        1. If print is allowed and user preferences are allowed, then allow users to select print as a preference
      2. Setup notice
        1. Define print template for a specific notice
        2. Setup triggering event/conditions in policy and pull in notice templates
        3. Add to circulation rules
      3. During bulk processing, scan for matching circ rules, notice policies and templates, and print notices

      Implementation Thoughts:

      • Add a print option to notice format configuration at the tenant level
      • Add a print template to notice templates
      • Add a notice print format option to notice policies
      • Allow for printing of these notices in bulk (and schedule when this runs or run it on demand?)

      Additional Information

      • See attached mockup for template ideas (done early in project). It'll depend on whether or not the same template with multiple formats defined will be used where some users/patrons will receive their notices via print and some via email (depending on preferences and settings). If sending email or print are distinct and different use cases or scenarios, then keeping print templates and email templates separate might be a better choice.

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