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CRUD for EDIFACT Invoice Field Mapping Profiles



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      Help the user set mapping rules and profiles for dealing with incoming batch loads:

      • Create field mapping screen for invoice and invoice lines
      • Identify data elements in fields of incoming EDIFACT invoice file
      • Define mapping syntax for EDIFACT data elements mapping to FOLIO Invoice records
      • Include default field mapping profiles for vendors identified by libraries, which can be edited, duplicated, and deleted by libraries
      • Same field mapping detail options as in Inventory field mappings
        • Allow for sequential mapping (first look in this field for data, then in this field)
        • Allow for defaults
        • Allow for mappings to be created and saved as data mapping profiles
        • Apply the rules to parse the incoming data and deliver to the appropriate FOLIO loader apps, to CRUD the proper kinds of records

      See Google folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ePm2M3FcHIZFVolxD4-WX8joEc1S_iVC

      • Sample invoices from various vendors
      • EDItEUR documentation for monographic and subscription invoices
      • Default invoice field mapping profiles to be supplied with FOLIO
      • A syntax document (will probably need updates)


      1. What additional documentation is needed?
      2. How much of the field identification may be handled by the EDIFACT parser, e.g. Smooks
      3. See Hein sample invoice - why < instead of +?

      Note: Split from UXPROD-656 because it was too broad, and so that it could be closed in Q4 2018

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