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Inventory Permissions (Basic CRUD)



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      Purpose: To get the basic Inventory permission functioning in FOLIO which would provide access to e,g, CRUD functionality, Mark for deletion, Settings app for Inventory etc.

      Usecase: Cataloger managers/Library administrators want to be able to give some staff limited access to view Inventory records without creating or editing them.

      The focus of this feature is to implement basic CRUD based permissions for Inventory:

      C: Can view and create (and duplicate) records in Inventory (instance/holdings/item), but will not include the ability to edit, or delete.
      R: Can view records in Inventory (instance/holdings/item), but will not include the ability to create (duplicate), edit, or delete.
      U: Can view, create (duplicate), and edit records in Inventory (instance/holdings/item), but will not include the ability to delete
      D: Can view, create (duplicate), edit and delete records in Inventory.

      The permissions needs to be flexible enough to module for catalogers, and circulation, student-worker, and technical services staff.


      Permissions needed for circulation staff:
      Circulation or public services staff have many use cases for editing holdings and items. For example, staff often have a source bib record for, say, a type of equipment, and then they manage the equipment underneath the record without having to get tech services involved. They may edit holdings, add/withdraw items, and other features. Some public services staff also have stacks management responsibilities, esp. the case for special collections libraries. How are these permissions sets being conceived / defined?

      These comments re. permissions needed for circulation staff originate from:
      Gap Analysis 2019 Missing Features - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1b3VY1EUOAyoySuEaT0lJfKUBYLMUPZM6PDSBnGiMxYk/edit#gid=739330010

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