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Mark holdings and item for deletion. Implement action menu in top navigation bar. Enable the user to mark a metadata record for deletion (Holdings, Item)



    • CW: Deletion by staff with permission to do deletion of records.
    • The estimate considers data integrity checks and mark-for-deletion functionality. Hard to say how much these are general issues (solved in Raml Module Builder and stripes-components for example) and how much they are Inventory work
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    • CW: Aligned PO rank with Calculated Total rank.
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      Implement component in top navigation bar to enable the user to mark a metadata record (-Container, Instance, -Holdings, Item) for deletion. Permissions are different than permissions for actual deletion. Mark for deletion of instance is split out as it's own feature UXPROD-3621.

      Delete functionality will be implemented when introducing the refined UX of Inventory. A drop down menu in the top bar.

      Slide deck from presentation at MM-SIG 2018-10-04: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iv1qM2T1uHCOx8vLAAJfmX-439ENNP7uo4yQJM8mubE/edit#slide=id.g438c473a97_0_0

      Technical backend note: The Inventory database has constraints defined on HoldingsRecord and Item to prevent deletion of entities with dependent records. The database will throw an exception if such a delete is attempted, as a last backstop - see:

      1. HoldingsStorageAPI.java
      2. ItemStorageAPI.java

      Out of scope: Prevent delete-all (wipe all data in Inventory).

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