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Circulation statistics for item on item record



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    • Use LDP for number of loans. May need other tracking to query for in-house use (see UXPROD-81)
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    • Needs decisions about how and where to store this information (e.g. in circulation or inventory) and how to make it available in a performant manner.
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      Current situation or problem:
      Some users will need information about how many times and item circulated or was used in-house, but will not have the ability to use the LDP. For these users, the number of times an item was circulated or used in-house would be helpful to display on the item record.

      In scope

      • Count number of loans and in-house uses and display on item record, broken out by effective location

      Out of scope

      • user will not be able to filter by date (or anything else) from this screen

      Use case(s)

      • convenient to have that information for weeding or when deciding whether or not to replace a lost item

      Proposed solution/stories

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