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Future Fees/Fines: Allow supervisor to temporarily login to complete transactions



    • Holly: The workaround is that the person with permission to cancel a fee/fine will need to login, bring up the patron record, and do what needs to be done.
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    • Includes a temporary permission override, which hasn't been done yet. Other features will need this as well. (Holly increased the Back End Estimate on 5/25/2018 due to new doubts about it's validity.)
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      Updated 7/11/2019:
      If current user doesn't have full permissions, add a Supervisor Login option/button so supervisor can just take over where the current user left off and do everything that needs to be done. When the supervisor is done, he/she logs off and the current users permissions are back in force (this was requested for everything that happens within Fees/Fines History/Details)

      Original: The PO did the specs for this well before the gap analysis and UNAM started developing it as UIU-450. We need for the permission UIU-451 and override UIU-445 work to be done by the core team

      Update: UNAM implemented the feature UIU-450 in the Q3 2018 release, but the Core Team still needs to work on the permission UIU-451 and override UIU-445. The permission must be done by Q4 2018.

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