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Staff slips with custom triggers and conditions



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      Updated by Darcy Branchini to include all out-of-the-box staff slips on 9/28/2020.

      To clarify, there are four out of the box slip types (hold slip, transit slip, pick slip and delivery slip) already built and their templates (copy and tokens) are already customizable using a rich-text editor. For each of these, the triggering events and conditions are hardcoded.

      This feature would allow FOLIO admins to CRUD their own triggers and conditions. Questions:

      1. Are there more triggering events and/or conditions than the following?
        • Hold slip
          • Item status changes to awaiting pickup and it's at the patron's requested service point
        • Transit slip
          • Outstanding request exists and item scanned at a location other than the requested location
          • Item returned at a location other than the home location
          • Item needed for a staff workflow and item scanned at a location other than the needed for WF location
        • Pick slip - Available item requested for pickup, and needs to be pulled off of shelf
        • Delivery slip - Item requested for office delivery
      2. Are the triggering events the ones listed above, but the conditions need to be defined? For example, a tenant might need multiple hold slips because each location or service point wants to do them differently? Or perhaps the transit event is always that it needs to go to a different location, but the conditions that define which transit slip template is needed is separated by home, request and/or staff workflow?
      3. Need use cases for custom triggering events and conditions

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