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Future Fees/Fines: Update current automated transfer process for fees/fines to bursar or other account that works for all sites



    • Holly: The workaround is to run a query to identify the fees/fines to be transferred (based on their unique criteria) and to update the database with a transfer 'action' indicating the date, amount, and action taken.
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    • Jumbo: > 45 days
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      IMPORTANT NOTE: The automated transfer feature was implemented by Cornell University to meet their needs for implementation. Bama is making changes via UXPROD-3903 to make the extract customizable. The original purpose of this UXPROD Feature was to take what was implemented and make it usable by other implemented sites, but we are actually working on that via other Features.

      Merged on July 20, 2020

      Holly decided to merge all of the automated transfer features to make it clear that they belong together.
      The following features were merged with UXPROD-105: Automated Transfer of fees/fines to bursar or other account -

      • UXPROD-1127: Fees/Fines Settings for Transfers - Criteria
      • UXPROD-839: Fees/Fines in-app report: Transferred fees/fines log
      • UXPROD-394: Create extract file for transferred fees/fines
      • UXPROD-1879: Notify Bursar (and other transfer accounts) of refunded fees/fines

      Attached PDF Fees and Fines Mockups_TRANSFER.pdf contains mock-ups and in-progress requirements for this feature.

      The total estimate for the Vega team to work on this feature is 9 days for the front-end work and 40 days for the back-end work.
      The total estimate for a new EPAM team to work on this feature is 14 days for the front-end work and 60 days for the back-end work.

      The estimate for this feature includes:

      1. Module to Identify and save the transfer criteria and job information (FE=8; BE=10 days)
      2. Module to process criteria and close transferred fees/fines (FE=0 ; BE=10 days)
      3. Module to create a machine readable extract file of transferred fees/fines (for libraries to turn into the format they need) (FE=0 ; BE=10 days)
      4. Send patron notices for transfers (FE=1 days ; BE=10 days)

      This estimate for this features does NOT include:

      • Incorporating the manually transferred fees/fines in the extract (this will be a separate JIRA task)
      • Scheduler for the automated transfer jobs (FOLIO is supposed to have one)
      • Creating a log of transferred fees/fines (the Circulation Log will meet this need)
      • Processing of rejected transfers (this will be handled manually by staff)
      • Notifying the Bursar (and other transfer accounts) of refunded fees/fines, which will be handled manually via the refund report initially (separate UXPROD feature is UXPROD-1879, to be completed after module #3 above)
      • Option to create a patron block when fees/fines are transferred, with the default being to not create a patron block (separate UXPROD feature is UXPROD-2852)

      Issues to address:

      • Scheduler
      • Where should files be stored?
      • Need to be able to see list of files and download them again

      See table at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HSxIgb6wfTq67FC5T8FIncQsyTibltDTYmcO5oRDEHQ/edit?usp=sharing to see which institutions do transfers.
      For summer 2020 we have UA and Lehigh that do transfers, although both have marked this feature as "can wait - up to 1 year."

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