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Ability to manage Donor information within FOLIO



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      Purpose: Ability to enter donor information during the order process and have this be passed to Inventory for display as an electronic bookplate.

      Use cases:

      • Donor information is input into the order so that it can be carried through to discovery as a bookplate.
      • Librarian needs to denote in the order that there were multiple donors
      • Donors wish to remain anonymous. Not having any credit display publicly
      • Donors do not wish to remain anonymous. They would appreciate having a credit display publicly
      • It is critical that we are able to attribute purchases to certain donors and to report back how much and on what we have spent their money
      • Some donors want to remain anonymous until a certain time or for a certain time and ideally we could set these details for a donation and not need to come back to it. Some times this would be a person who wants to remain anonymous until some time after their death.
      • Users often have a donor when there was no order involved in the first place. (Possibly need a feature for inventory (Instance, holding, item), MARC Holdings, ERM (Online resources) that allows for referencing a donor even when no order is in-place)
      • One donor may have different bookplates or "Text for public display". Donor has many children and donates things on each of their behalf. Some donate personally and from their business
      • In some cases there aren't really donors, but electronic bookplates are still needed. For example, Duke has a program that places bookplates for alumni who have passed away - https://blogs.library.duke.edu/magazine/2018/01/29/r-p-rest-perkins-wont-live-read-perfect-book/

      Pass Inventory the Donor Name/ID that allows them to associate the information Below. (Holding or Item)

      The information needed for the bookplate:

      • Code (This represents the donor and it's details defined below)
      • Descriptive name
      • Text for display
      • URL to connect to electronic bookplate for online donor recognition

      This could be a stand-alone app if needed to manage all aspects of donors. (TBD)

      Donor can be assigned to order (Multi select)
      Donor could be assigned to Fund (Multi select) if use on an order the donor filed should be populated with associated donor codes
      Codes would be transferred to inventory record (Holding or Item)

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