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UX: Provide UX Pattern for Simple Settings Pages




      Purpose: We decided in Montreal that all FOLIO pages and changes will require explicit save. The purpose of this story is to get UX guidance on how the simple Settings pages should be modified to include an explicit save.


      1. Log into folio-testing as diku-admin
      2. Go to Settings and then, for example, to Organization
      3. The settings pages in Organization are simple pages that offer an edit mode (there is no view-only mode)
      4. Some auto-save (e.g. Preferred plugins, Language and localization) while others require explicit save (SSO settings "apply changes" button)

      Guidance Requested:

      • How should these pages be modified to include explicit save?
      • Where should save button live?
      • Other UX thoughts and feedback

      Out of Scope:

      • Out of scope for this story is the UI pattern for Permission Set CRUD and Loan Policy CRUD. We discussed those in Montreal and I have already created stories for the changes required there (see linked issues). If you have additional thoughts on how those pages should work, please add them to those issues.
      • Also out of scope is controlled vocabulary CRUD pages such as Patron Group, Loan Type etc. These settings pages already require an explicit save so I think they are okay. Also, we recently received a refined UX design for these pages which seems to do what we need: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x4n6mezyf5z8h2d/AACaw1DWjmIPMkoxb-yel8GHa?dl=0

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