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UX: Explore concept for allowing a New invoice to be created from within the Orders app



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      User story statement(s):

      As a library staff person,
      I want the ability to quickly find a set of orders
      so that I can create one new invoice for those orders and organize all of the invoice lines for those orders in a way that is meaningful to me


      1. Scenario 1:
        • Given order results
        • When specific results are selected
        • Then choosing "New invoice" from the Actions dropdown will create a new invoice for the orders selected
      2.  Scenario 2:
        • Given New invoice screen
        • When values are entered for all required fields and it is known that multiple invoice lines exist for the orders that had been selected
        • Then a Save & continue button is displayed at the bottom of the screen
      3. Scenario 3:
        • Given user selects the Save & continue button
        • When user arrives at the "Edit sequence of invoice lines" screen
        • Then display a list of invoice lines and allow user to reorder the lines with drag & drop - similar to Reorder queue on the Requests app
      4. Scenario 4:
        • Given user has changed the sequence of the invoice lines
        • When user clicks the Save & close button at the bottom
        • Then display the new invoice and give the user an option in the Actions dropdown of the Invoice lines accordion for "Edit sequence of invoice lines" in case more modifications are needed

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