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      If a library has chosen not to implement Title level requesting, they do not want to see the Title level specific fields. 

      If a library has chosen to implement Title level requesting, and as a library staff member that manages title level requests, the user needs to be able to see all relevant Request details of a Title level request so that the user can:

      • See all relevant item details of the title request
        • in order to determine if there should be items returning soon, or if any items have been placed on hold or recalled
        • Determine how long fulfilling all requests could possible take
        • Determine if the status of items could be changed - and thereby allow them to be in the queue
        • If necessary - place a hold or recall on an item that is in the queue (thin thread - this could be accomplished by clicking to the item and placing a recall there. )
        • Determine if any of the items in the title level queue are also item level requests (which will effect the title level queue function)
      • See all relevant information for patron's in the request queue so that the user can:
        • Tell a patron what place they hold in the queue
        • Contact a patron to let them know the queue is very long
        • Contact a patron if alternate titles are available
        • Confirm that the requests are filled in the order in which they are placed
      • The user needs to see both types of the above information together so that they may:
        • Determine if the library needs to mitigate the queue, perhaps by purchasing more items or moving the requests over to other instances (in some cases there maybe multiply records with the same title, but associated with different instances)


      This includes:

      (*new fields, or changes to existing fields show in an item level request, screenshot of item level request detail attached for information purposes)

      Included fields:

      *Total number of title level requests
      *Repeatable Item information 

      • Barcode (linked to item record)
      • Effective call number string
      • Effective location for item
      • Item status
      • Current due date
      • Requests (Number is hyperlinked)

      *Repeatable request/requester information

      • Request position in title level queue
      • Request type
      • Request status
      • Request expiration date
      • Hold shelf expiration date
      • Requester name and barcode (link to user record)
      • Patron comments


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