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UX: Design Renewals/Loan Actions in Scan App




      Purpose: Create wireframes for how loan actions (specifically, renewals) should happen in FOLIO in the Scan app. The RA SIG is telling us they don't want to have to click through to the User profile in the users app to view loan history. Reasons for this are (1) they want to stay in the context of circulation and (2) they

      Acceptance criteria:

      • Loan records already appear in the Current Loans > View Full History section on the User profile (see attached screenshots). We need designs to augment the current FOLIO functionality to do the following:
        • Extend the data displayed for loans to include the columns displayed in Alma (I don't know that we'll need all of these, but I think it's safe to assume that we'll need more columns than we have and your designs should take that into consideration)
        • Support taking of "loan actions" on each loan record individually or in bulk
          • First loan action will be "renew" but there will be others in the future (see attached Alma screenshots for the general direction we are headed, but not for the actual UX or look-and-feel)
        • Support the ability to drill into a loan record and view all loan record details and the loan action history
          • Every loan record has at least one loan action for the initial loan
          • Use Alma screenshots as inspiration for loan action columns to display
          • Designs for this should heavily leverage work already completed for UIS-4

      Story scope: The focus of this story is just the user profile page > view full loan history. I will create separate stories for adding this functionality to other pages that currently show loan records (e.g. "current loans" on user profile - UIS-4) and those that will show loan records in the future (e.g. Scan app and the item record).

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          1. folio-scan-loan-actions-2-renewal.png
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            Matt Sullivan
          2. LoanHistory-UserProfile.PNG
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            Cate Boerema
          3. LoanRecordDetailsActionHistoryInclRenewal.png
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            Cate Boerema
          4. LoanRecordDetailwActionHistoryInclAutoActions.png
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            Cate Boerema
          5. LoanRecordswAbilitytoTakeActions.png
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            Cate Boerema

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