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      Purpose: We are updating the user record with approximately 50 data elements. Some of these have already been implemented and can be seen in http://folio-demo-test.aws.indexdata.com/

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Review the current state of the user record (Create, Edit and View modes) in FOLIO (http://folio-demo-test.aws.indexdata.com/) and make suggested changes to user metadata layout so that the record feels organized and tidy
      • A couple of specific requests for attention:
        • The FOLIO ID for the user record appears editable in the create/edit modes when, in fact, it is read-only). NOTE: The SIG has also asked that we don't display this so prominently. Perhaps it is truncated and you hover over to see or copy the whole thing. Or maybe it's an icon you click to view/copy the ID.
        • The Open Date and Record Last Updated fields should be treated differently than the others. This is standard metadata that will display on many record types in FOLIO. It should not just be mixed in with the other metadata. There is another user story for consideration of these specific fields: UX-39
      • When making recommendations, please keep in mind that additional fields are going to be added to the record - ideally your mock-ups should include all the data elements in this document
      • Also, can we create designs that show what this page would look like with and without a profile picture displaying? Many orgs will not have profile pics available and we don't want the big grey box showing.

      Scope- The scope of this story is _just _the user metadata, not the search and results panels, not other sections in the form such Fees and fines or Permissions. Section controls are out of scope etc. We really just want to focus on the user metadata display in create,edit and view modes. See attached screenshots for in-scope elements.

      Additional info: Per Filip, Benny (FOLIO UX designer) is leaning towards a "16 column layout" for forms: https://dribbble.com/shots/3422987-Grid-Progression

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