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Show/hide items for multiple-item notice in circulation log



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      Purpose: As a user, I want to get an overview of circulation activity for a particular patron and be able to access more details, so that I don't get overwhelmed with information.

      Background: The circulation log records circulation events as well as information about those events. Most events have at most one item associated with them. (For example, a fee/fine charged to a patron can only be associated with one item, or it can be associated with zero items, but a single fee/fine cannot be charged for multiple items.)

      However, a notice can be sent to one user relating to zero items, one item, or multiple items. For example, if every item on a user's account is overdue, the user will get one notice referencing all items. Because this would be overwhelming in most instances though helpful in a minority of cases, SMEs would prefer an option where the items referenced in the notices are initially hidden from the circulation log display, but are available to view in some way.

      Possible display options:

      • Treat "Sent notice" rows of circulation log as accordions, and allow users to expand or collapse the rows within the table. Comparison provided by dbranchini:
      • Popover on the item column of the "Sent notice" row of circulation log (seems poor usability because one notice could go out for hundreds of items)
      • Other options??

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