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Final design for "View Item Requests on Instance Record"



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      I presented UIIN-977 to the Thunderjet team today and they had some good UI suggestions I wanted to get UX input on.

      • Most instances will have only a handful of items, but some will have many more (there are instances with 100s of items).
      • Team suggested that, in anticipation of this scenario, it would be good if we used a full page instead of a modal. Thoughts? dennisbridges says they have used this approach for similar things in Acquisitions. He might be able to point you to examples. We just need to make sure it doesn't look ridiculous in the cases where there are only a handful of items.
      • Also, there are a few places in which the text of the story and the mockup has diverged. If you are able to create an updated mockup for this, it would be awesome if it could align with the text of the story. For example:
        • Show the total count of requests in the actions menu e.g. "View requests (5)"
        • Show the barcode as a hyperlink (because users will want to click that to go to the item record and create a request)
        • Use the columns and column headers from scenario 4 of UIIN-977 (they differ slightly from the mockup)
      • We'll need an icon created for the actions menu as well, please use "eye-open" as seen here on Storybook.

      Here is the deck that shows the full context for this feature. The most recent mockup is on the final slide here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1OWbOzdhw6nHsjcOCI4J3PmXKEhpkYpWr2k1NtRWDu68/edit#slide=id.g6eaa6a4a69_1_12

      Please let me know if you have any suggestions, concerns etc Thanks!

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