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Tweaks to MCL behavior and link styles



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      JohnC, rasmuswoelk, can we update the MCL pattern / component to allow for the following.

      The change probably needs to happen in conjunction with a change / addition of link styles for a tags or the like.

      I am not sure how this technically needs to happen, but the idea is to change the pattern of full-row-clickability and always provide an explicit link within a row that will open the given record. When used in a 2-pane or 3-pane layout, the first column should contain uniquely identifying information for the record in question (Name for a User; Title for an Instance; etc.) and this should be the link that opens up the third pane.

      In some settings, it is meaningful to represent multiple records inside of a single row — this does not affect the pattern above, but is merely an addition / variation.

      In some settings, action icons are also relevant (e.g. Data Import; Create New record pane header; Edit record pane header; etc.) I have attached examples of this pattern FYI.

      The tasks needed for this story are probably something along the lines of:

      1. Update of a-tag styling (default, hover, focus, active)
      2. Update of MCL component
      3. I am not sure if any component adjustments are needed to make it easy to implement a link with either Record Type icon or Record Type and Action icon both?

      Use cases
      Having discussed this with both kkester and gosguthorpe, I know they can both provide examples of use cases for this if needed, although the illustrations below should be sufficient to demonstrate the pattern. The current implementation of Data Import Settings also illustrates some of the aspects outlined in this story.

      rasmuswoelk, JohnC, please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!

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