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Add actual cost setting to Fee/Fine: Manual Charges setting



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      Hi Kimie! I hope you are doing well...

      The developers for the "Declared Lost" function just identified the need for a new setting in order to finish the implementation of this feature.

      We need to update the Fee/Fine: Manual Charges setting to add a way to identify which Fees/Fine Type has been created for use in charging patrons the actual cost when they have lost an item for which the library has opted to collect the actual cost in the Lost Item Fee Policy (as opposed to a set amount, like $150 for example).

      Attachment Current-manual-charges-view.jpg shows how the page looks now. If you press the Edit button, you are currently able to update the Default charge notice and Default action notice settings.

      I am proposing adding a third setting that is updated via the Edit button called Fee/fine type used when charging lost item fee for actual cost of item. See attachment New-manual-charges-view.jpg for placement of this new setting.

      When press the Edit button, the page would look like attachment New-manual-charges-edit.jpg. The drop-down list is created from the Fee/Fine Types for the Fee/Fine Owner.

      Attachment New-manual-charges-save.jpg shows how the page looks after the new setting has been saved.

      Besides the new setting name being too long, do you have any issues with this? I thought about having a column in the table, but the description is so long I thought it would be a nightmare.

      Thanks for your help with this!


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