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Add "Additional information for patron" to Fee/Fine Details




      Kimie, this just popped up for Q1. It won't be the end of the world if it doesn't make it into Q1...

      We are adding "Additional information for patron" to New Fee/Fine and Pay Fee/Fine so that users have a place to enter information that will appear on the notice that is emailed to the patron. This information was not planned to be displayed anywhere with Fees/Fines but it needs to be. The RA SIG has asked that "Additional information for patron" be displayed on Fee/Fine Details, along with "Additional information for staff."

      I have attached Current.JPG, which is a screen print of how Fee/Fine Details looks now. I have come up with mock-ups for two options, but am looking to you for the best solution.

      My options...
      Option1.JPG is a mock-up showing an approach where we add an "Additional information for patron" column next to "Additional information for staff"
      Option2.jpg is a mock-up showing an approach where we rename the column holding "Additional information for staff" to "Additional information" and use it for both "Additional information for staff" and "Additional information for patron" (see mock-up for details).

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