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Override failed renewal



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      Purpose: Create mockup for override modal (specifically, failed renewal) & update existing confirmation modals.

      1. Mockup for override modal:
        When a user clicks "Override" on a confirmation modal to override a failed renewal, they see what amounts to the change due date modal with a comment field.
        • Title of modal: Override & renew
        • A summary of how many items are being affected is at the top. (E.g., 3 items selected.)
        • Below that, the time and date fields.
        • Below that, the items which are eligible for override.
          • In the leftmost column (where alerts would appear on a change due date modal), the full reasons why the renewal failed display. For the mockup, let's say that there is one item, and its reason is Loan has reached its maximum number of renewals. Using the items from the change due date mock will be fine.
          • I think it would be helpful to show the number of renewals in this table, but I'm uncertain of whether there's room, or if there's not, if it should be prioritized over another field.
          • When overriding a renewal failure from a bulk confirmation method, not all failures will be eligible for override. (For example, a renewal can fail because it will not change the due date, and the SIG would prefer that a renewal which fails for that reason not be override-able.)
        • A required comment field with help text such as Enter more information about the override (required)
        • Two buttons: one that says Back and one that says Override.
      2. Mockup for single-item confirmation
        • Only one change here: Add Override button (with "default" styling) to the left of "Close" (which should maintain primary styling).
        • To clarify when this should be used and keep it consistent with the above, let's have the mock-up reason be Loan has reached its maximum number of renewals
      3. Mockup for bulk confirmation modal
        • First change: Add Override button (with "default" styling) to the left of "Close" (which should maintain primary styling).
        • Second, add failure reason instead of just the renewal status (In the mockup, I think it would be clearest to show different reasons for each failure: one that fails because Loan has reached its maximum number of renewals, and one that fails because Renewal at this time would not change the due date) Options for how to show this:
          • show all reasons, no matter how many characters
          • truncate after 4 lines' worth of characters (because title wraps to four lines)
          • show first reason and indicate whether there are more (e.g., Loan has reached its maximum number of renewals (and 2 more...) I don't think this is a design pattern in FOLIO, so I'm wary of introducing it here)

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