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UX: check in resulting in "in transit to home location"



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      Purpose: When an item is checked in at a service point that the item's effective location is not assigned to, the item needs to go in transit & the staff member needs to be informed of this.

      1. Scenario (Modal)
        • Given an item at location A and a service point not serving location A
        • When the item has been checked in at the service point
        • then display modal informing the staff member that the item will be in transit to its home location, with the ability to exit out of the modal without checking the item in.
          • Modal header: In transit to home location
          • Modal text: Route <title of item> (Barcode: <barcode of item>) to <name of service point>.
          • Controls: Print slip (checkbox), Cancel (button), Confirm (button)
      2. Scenario (check in session)
        • Given an item in location A and a service point not serving location A
        • when the item's check in at service point is completed
        • Then populate the row in the check-in table accordingly, and show "In transit to [primary service point]" in the Status column

      Note: This is very similar to an item that is in transit to fulfill a request, but there is no requesting patron. I don't see those in the UX Designs folder, so I'm not sure they exist yet.

      Note: SMEs have expressed that they always want a way to go back when a check in prompts a modal, hence the back/confirm structure.

      Note: Might be worth having a discussion about use of space on the check in screen (do long fields truncate? does anything wrap to multiple lines?) - it'd be great to include the destination service point in the Status column, but that threatens to make it much, much longer.

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