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Overdue loans report (borrower fields)



    • Core: F - Sprint 62, Core: F - Sprint 63, Concorde - Sprint 64
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      Purpose: Include borrower information on overdue loans report.
      Story: As a circulation staff member who handles billing, I want to know which loans are overdue and for which patrons, so that I can more easily assign bills to them in FOLIO.


      1. Scenario
      2. Scenario
        • Given a loan in the overdue loans report
        • When exporting
        • Export the following metadata as comma-separated values:
          • Borrower name
            • Defined as: first, middle and last name for borrower with the UUID used in loan
            • Format: Lastname, Firstname Middlename
          • Borrower barcode
            • Defined as: barcode for borrower with the UUID used in loan
          • Borrower ID
            • Defined as: UUID for borrower used in loan
          • Due date (UIU-983)
          • Loan date (UIU-983)
          • Loan policy name (UIU-985)
          • Loan policy ID (UIU-983)
          • Loan ID (UIU-985)
          • Fee/Fine (UIU-987)
          • Title (UIU-983)
          • Material type (UIU-983)
          • Item status (UIU-983)
          • Barcode (UIU-983)
          • Call number (UIU-983)
          • Contributors (UIU-983)
          • Item location (UIU-983)
          • Instance ID (UIU-983)
          • Holdings ID (UIU-983)
          • Item ID (UIU-986)

      Notes: Some of the fields in this report are already addressed by other stories, but are included here to show the relative ordering of the comma-separated values. The ones in bold indicate new additions for this story.

      Notes: UIU-985, UIU-986, and UIU-987 may or may not be complete before this story is worked on. If testing this story before other overdue loans report stories are complete, then focus on fields in bold as the criteria for passing testing.

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