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When paying fee/fine set default Fee/Fine Owner Desk



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      This fix was originally part of UIU-803...below is the comment from the original issue...

      Holly just tested this on http://folio-testing.aws.indexdata.com. The final modification listed in the DESCRIPTION box for UIU-803 has not been completed. It is Set a default Fee/fine owner desk using the same logic that is used when setting the default Fee/fine owner on the Charge Manual Fee/Fine page, but allow the user to change the default value if needed. I tested this as follows:

      1) The staff member who is logged in has a Preferred Service Point of Circ Desk 1 as shown in attached screen print Staff Member Service Point Preference.JPG.
      2) The Hotel Circ fee/fine owner has a Associated Service Point of Circ Desk 1 as shown in attached screen print FF Owner Associated Service Points.JPG.
      3) When staff member charges a new manual fee/fine, the default Fee/Fine Owner is Hotel Circ (as shown in attached screen print New FF Default Owner is Hotel Circ.JPG) which is correct give the staff member's Preferred Service Point is associated with fee/fine owner Hotel Circ.
      4) When staff member attempts to pay two fees from Fees/Fines History, the Pay Modal does not default the Fee/Fine Owner Desk to Hotel Circ as it should per bullet three in the description above (as shown in attached screen print Pay Modal FF Owner Desk Default Should Be Hotel Circ.JPG).

      Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks...

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