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Can't Manually Make a User Inactive



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      Steps to Repro (Bug 1):

      1. Log into folio (I used https://bugfest.folio.ebsco.com)
      2. Go to Users and pick an active user with an empty expiration date or one in the future
      3. Edit the user
      4. Select status = inactive
      5. Save

      Expected: Status change should save.

      Actual: Status stays active.

      Steps to Repro (Bug 2):

      1. Log into folio
      2. Go to Users and pick an active user with an expiration date in the future
      3. Edit the user
      4. Remove the expiration date
      5. Save

      Expected: Status should remain Active

      Actual: Status changes to Inactive. It is possible to edit the user record and change the status back to Active, but there is no reason for it to automatically inactivate because the expiration date was removed.

      Additional information:

      • The original intention (and function) of this feature was that the status menu was editable so status could be manually changed to inactive for reasons other than user expiration. Additionally, when the expiration date had passed, the status would automatically change to inactive and the menu would become uneditable. You'd then have to edit the expiration date (push it out or remove it) to be able to reset the status to active. See UIU-235 for details (there is a lot more detail in the comments, as well).
      • This feature also interacts with FOLIO login. If a user has 5 failed login attempts they will be set to inactive. In this case, it is possible to manually re-set the user to active. See UXPROD-28 and UIU-513 for more details on this feature.

      Discuss with developers: What is the best path forward for this?

      1. Try to return things to the way they were working before or redesign to make this less brittle?
      2. One possible alternative/interim fix is defined in UIU-1522
      3. Should we create a separate field for "Login blocked" so we aren't trying to do two things with the status menu?

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