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UX: Revise Proxy Wireframes per SIG Feedback




      Purpose: To revise proxy wireframes per SIG feedback.

      See Confluence: https://wiki.folio.org/display/RA/2017-06-05+Resource+Access+Meeting+Notes

      And my notes from our call with Andrea (these go beyond what needs to change, but I assume you can filter out the bits you need). I still need to get these in a shared location somewhere (waiting for Andrea's feedback first). For now I'll just paste here:

      • Proxy:
      o Proxy should be in a collapsible section as it’s not frequently used
      o Proxy relationship should become inactive if:
       The relationship has expired
       The user record for either of the parties have expired
       The status has been manually switched to inactive
      o An audit trail for the relationship including why it’s inactive would be really valuable
      o Notices:
       A notice sent when a relationship is about to expire would be really valuable
       Would like the ability to configure who gets the notification
       Also may want late notices to go to the parent in a parent-child relationship
      o Would like to allow proxies to be able to do work on behalf of their sponsor online via discovery (this is currently not possible with existing systems)
       One way might be to display books checked out on behalf of sponsor in proxies own account
       Need to make sure this doesn’t clutter the UI
       Need to make sure that fees and fines and other sensitive info doesn’t display
      o Proxy transactions:
       Currently these happen in the library at the circ desk or self check out or by phone
       Patron comes up, card is scanned and a prominent indicator shows they are a proxy (and for how many people would be useful). Circ staff may be trained to ask then who they are checking out for or they may rely on the patron telling them “I’m checking this out for professor so-an-so”. Click the proxy indicator to open the list of sponsors, select one and then the checkout happens as if the sponsor was checking the item out.
       In current systems, the loan records for these items only display on the sponsor’s user record.
      • General input on UX:
      o If we have collapsible sections in FOLIO, we should have some indicator if there is data in the collapsed section or not (a number in parentheses for example or, if there is nothing to count, an icon or different color). This is so that you don’t need to open a section just to find out nothing is there.
      o Should be an expand all capability to expand all collapsed sections
      o Can we change Scan to Circ
      o UX needs to support constant switching around from User A to User B to Item A
       Cate showed the state saving implemented in FOLIO – this will help when switching from users to items, but how do we make it easy to switch between users?
      • Could leverage browser tabs
      • Can already direct link to records, but you can’t right click to open a record in a new tab – Cate to inquire with tech team
      o It would be great if it were possible to flag a note (any kind of note in FOLIO) as so important that it is always displayed (popped up/open) or perhaps that an alert appears at the top of the page indicating the presence of important notes… This should be a generic feature (perhaps part of Filip’s component)
      • User details:
      o When organizing the data on user details, the most important info should be at the top
       This screenshot from OLE might supply some inspiration: https://wiki.folio.org/display/RA/2017-06-01+Resource+Access+Meeting+Notes
       But we should talk with the SIG, as this isn’t the exact right set
      o Andrea agrees that profile pic is not needed. Most systems have the ability to add one but she’s never seen it used.

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