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Incorrect Payment Methods available for FF Owner when paying from within FF History/Details



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      ORIGINAL REPORT: While testing the Q4 2018 release at http://folio-q4-core.aws.indexdata.com on January 9, Holly discovered that all Payment Methods in the database appear on the drop down list when paying a fee/fine from Fee/Fine History or Fee/Fine Details. The list should only include Payment Methods that have been selected by the Fee/Fine Owner in the User Setting Payment Methods. This drop down list is correct when using the "Charge & Pay Now" feature. See attached screen prints Screen 1 to Screen 5 for details.

      UPDATE: Problem is due to Payment Methods now being setup by Fee/Fine Owner rather than institution. Each fee/fine has a Fee/Fine Owner that will get the money when collected, but what matters when the fee/fine is paid is which fee/fine is accepting the payment. We need to know which Payment Methods the desk accepting the payment is allowed to take.

      MODIFICATION: Add required field Fee/fine owner desk to the Pay fee/fine modal, moving the existing fields around as shown in attached screen print 1-Pay-Fee-Fine.png. Take the following actions-

      • Populate the Fee/fine owner desk drop-down options from the Fee/fine owner table.
      • Populate the Payment methods drop-down options after the Fee/fine owner desk has been selected.
      • Set a default Fee/fine owner desk using the same logic that is used when setting the default Fee/fine owner on the Charge Manual Fee/Fine page, but allow the user to change the default value if needed.

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          1. 1-Pay-Fee-Fine.png
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          2. 5-Pay-Fee-Fine-Error.png
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          3. 6-Pay-Fee-Fine-Comment-Required.png
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          4. FF Owner Associated Service Points.JPG
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          5. New FF Default Owner is Hotel Circ.JPG
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          6. Pay Modal FF Owner Desk Default Should Be Hotel Circ.JPG
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          7. Screen 1 - Check is not a Payment Method for Main Circ.jpg
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          8. Screen 2 - Check is not a Payment Method for Main Circ.jpg
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          9. Screen 3 - Check is not a Payment Method for Main Circ.jpg
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          10. Screen 4 - Check is not a Payment Method for Main Circ.jpg
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          11. Screen 5 - Check is not a Payment Method for Main Circ.jpg
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          12. Staff Member Service Point Preference.JPG
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