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Create permission "Fees/Fines: All permissions"



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      Purpose: To create an all-inclusive permission for fees/fines actions (view, charge, pay, waive, transfer, cancel, etc.)
      Note 1: This user story is modeled after UIU-686 (Loans permissions: All)
      Note 2: Fee/fine settings permission will be created as part of UIU-584
      Open Issue: If user has Fees/Fines: All permissions but not Loans: All permissions, they will not be able to charge a manual fee/fine from Open/Closed Loans. They should also not be able to go to see fee/fine data or go to fee/fine details. Holly is working on this open issue.


      1. Scenario
        • Log in to FOLIO
        • Given the Users module
        • When enabled
        • Then a logical permission should be provided called "Fees/Fines: All permissions"
      2. Scenario
        • Given User A has been given the permission "Fees/Fines: All permissions"
        • When User A accesses FOLIO
        • Then:
          • The Users app should be visible in the top nav
          • Fees/fines functions should be fully accessible to User A:
            • View open fees/fines for a user
            • View closed fees/fines for a user
            • View all fees/fines for a user
            • View fee/fine details for an open or closed loan
            • Charge a manual fee fine
            • Charge and pay a manual fee fine
            • Pay a fee/fine
            • Waive a fee/fine
            • Cancel a fee/fine
            • Transfer a fee/fine (out of scope for Q4 2018)
            • Refund a fee/fine (out of scope for Q4 2018)
      3. Scenario
        • Given that a user has been given the permission "Fees/Fines: All permissions" as part of a permissions set
        • When the user accesses FOLIO
        • Then they should have all rights normally conferred by this permission (Scenario 2), in addition to the other permissions conferred by the permissions set

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