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System error occurs when non-numeric value entered in Transaction Information field in Pay Fee/Fine modal



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      FORMER SUMMARY: System error occurs when paying selecting to pay multiple fees/fines from "Fee/Fine History"

      This happened yesterday, but I thought is was most likely a problem with http://folio-snapshot.aws.indexdata.com. I tried the same steps today and also received a system error again. Here are the steps:
      1. Go to the ALL tab of Fees/Fines History to pay all of the fees/fines. The patron has to have a variety of fees/fines. I am not sure of the exact combination, but the error does not occur if you only have unpaid fees/fines in the ALL tab or 3 unpaid and 1 paid fee/fine. It seems that there has to be a fee/fine associated with a loan, but I am not sure. You can see the scenario I have in attached screen print All FF 1.JPG. This is similar to the scenario I had yesterday when the error occurred.
      2. The model will open (as shown in attached screen print All FF 2.JPG) indicating that 4 of the fees/fines have already paid and must be deselected.
      3. Deselect the 4 closed fees/fines (as shown in the attached screen print All FF 3.JPG) and then press the Continue button.
      4. The error shown in attached screen print All FF 4.JPG then appears. After pressing OK a few times the error closes.
      5. The fees/fines do end up getting paid (as shown in attached screen print All FF 5.JPG), but there is one error. The Lost DVD fee, which was cancelled before the mass payment was made, had the Payment Status changed to Paid Fully--it should have been left as Cancelled in Error.

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