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Minor "Fees/Fines History" bugs to be fixed in Q4 2018 release



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      Several minor bugs were discovered while testing Q3 2018 release--these will be fixed for the Q4 2018 release. Each fix has been listed as a separate comment.

      Testers moved the comments up here as scenarios. Tested in folio-snapshot:

      Fix #1: Outstanding Balance not formatted properly in two places on Fees/Fines History page (see attached screen print Fix outstanding amounts.JPG for details).

      Fix #2: See attached screen print FF History Issues.jpg for minor changes.

      Fix #3: The Comment icon is appearing for a fee/fine that does not have any comments (see attached screen print FF No Comments.jpg for details).

      Fix #4: The ellipsis options on the ALL fees/fines page are not working correctly. First of all, "Fee/fine details" is no longer a valid ellipsis option. Secondly, the "Loan details" option should always appear if there is a long associated with the fee/fine, whether the fee/fine is open or closed (see attached screen print Loan Details Missing.JPG for details). we tried to test, but couldn't figure out a way to create a fine associated with a loan. Ideas on how to create that situation?

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      Fix #5: The most recent Comment only displays in Fee/Fine History if it is part of the last action. We should be displaying the last comment regardless of the action it was a part of. (See attached screen print Comment not showing.jpg for details).

      Fix #6: The default sort order is supposed to be chronological order, with the most recent transactions on top. If you look at Sorting First.JPG, you will see that the fee/fine with the comment "Patron paid with pennies" is sorting on top and the fee/fine with the comment "Patron paid with mother's credit card" is sorting on the bottom (see Sorting Second.JPG). This implies that the transaction where the patron used the credit card happened before the one where they used the pennies. If you look at Created First.JPG and Created Second.JPG, you will see the the transaction where the patron paid with pennies was actually several minutes before the other transactions. Even though the time is not displayed on the Fees/Fines History page, it should be used when sorting.

      Fix #7: Change <<Back to X, as shown in attached mock-up Change Back to X.jpg.

      Fix #8: The header does not look good. I've had a look in the code, the problem is in using <Pane> with property subheader. <Paneheader> should be used for this case.

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