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Minor "Pay Fee/Fine" bugs to be fixed in Q4 2018 release



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      Several minor bugs were discovered while testing Q3 2018 release--these will be fixed for the Q4 2018 release. Each fix has been listed as a separate comment.

      Testers moving the comments up to be stories. Testing in FOLIO-Snapshot

      Fix #1: The Payment Amount part of this fix is now Bug UIU-769
      As shown in attached screen print Pay fixes.JPG, the Payment amount should have 2 decimal places and the Remaining amount is not a required field (in this particular example) and therefore should not have a * at the end of it. Permissions error message when trying to create a fine in folio-testing. See PermissionsError.png attached. We solved the permissions error by adding permission: Fines and fees: app actions permissions to diku_admin. Will add a bug to make sure that permission is automatically included in diku_admin in the future (UIU-776)

      Fix #2: skipped, separate bug

      Fix #3: The "Success Toast" does not appear when a payment is made via the Charge and Pay Now option on the Charge Manual Fee/Fine page.

      Fix #4: If a patron needs to pay an 8.00 plotter fee, and finds they only have 4.00, the payment becomes a partial payment. Everything is working fine except that the message is not changing the amount to the partial payment amount (as shown in attached screen print Partially paying amount not changed.jpg). We don't know what a "plotter" fee is, but the partial payment amount seems to be changing properly.

      Fix #5: skipped

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