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Need to be able to associate Fee/Fine Owners to one or more Service Points



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      Service Points need to be associated with Fee/Fine Owners for two reasons:
      1) So that automated fees/fines can be applied to the correct Fee/Fine Owner.
      2) So that individuals who work at a public desk are able to have a default Fee/Fine Owner set, rather than needing to select the Fee/Fine Owner every time they want to charge a manual fee fine.

      1) More than one library can be affiliated with a Service Point. For fee/fine purposes, we will only allow one Fee/Fine Owner to be associated to a Service Point. After a Service Point has been assigned to a Fee/Fine Owner it will no longer be available in the list of Service Points to choose from by a second Fee/Fine Owner. If the second Fee/Fine Owner feels that they are the rightful "home" for the Service Point, they will need to work it out with the first Fee/Fine Owner.
      2) Some individuals work at multiple public desks and we may not be able to define a default Fee/Fine Owner for them. That's o.k.

      1) Replace the "Last Updated" column with the new "Associated service points" column, as shown in attached mock-up 1-Fee-Fine-Owners.png.
      2) One Fee/Fine Owner may be associated with zero to many Service Points, as shown in attached mock-up 2-Fee-Fine-Owners-Edit-UPDATED.jpg.
      3) As user types in the Service Point the selection list should narrow, as shown in attached mock-up 3-Fee-Fine-Owners-Service-Points.png.
      4) Each Service Point may only be assigned to one Fee/Fine Owner. After a Service Point has been associated with a Fee/Fine Owner, remove it from the selection drop-down list. If a Fee/Fine Owner disassociates from a Service Point it should then reappear as a selection in the drop-down list.
      5) If the user clicks on the Associated Service Points drop-down list for a Fee/Fine Owner that has no Associated Service Points, display the "warning" message as shown in attached mock-up 2-Fee-Fine-Owners-Edit-UPDATED.jpg.

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